Seal Dimensions 18

1-5/8″ (1.625″) SHAFT (continued) 1-3/4″


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Which is better Packing or a Mechanical Seal?

There actually are reasons to use both.  The biggest advantage a mechanical seal has is that it only leaks a vapor when installed correctly. Packing can be less expensive, easier to install, and do a sufficient job slowing leakage to 6 drops per minute or less with flexible graphite packings. The biggest factor is the application and the need for containment. Chemical applications require mechanical seals. Abrasive applications can be expensive to seal with a mechanical seal due to the need for Silicone Carbide or Tungsten carbide faces. TC and SC are 2 of the most expensive materials in mechanical seals. It can make financial sense to use an abrasion-resistant packing such as GFO or Kevlar instead of a mechanical seal. If you would like a second opinion, don’t hesitate to call  American Seal & Packing and ask for our free technical support.


1-5/8″ (1.625″) SHAFT (continued) 1-3/4″

single spring mechanical seal dimensions 18

Mechanical seal dimensions

Seal Material Codes


  1. Mounts on shaft
  2. Tappered spring
  3. EPR should not be used with Petroleum based products
  4. With cup mount seat
  5. Lock collar sold seperately
  6. Seat is slotted
  7. Spring holder not included

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